Welcome to MegaConverter 2!

This is an all new version of your favorite educational and research site, giving you a new, easier to use interface, with more converters, more features and quicker access.

To the left you will note the two select boxes and the dial. Converter modules can be chosen in a variety of ways. You can use the pop-down select boxes to choose the converter you need. You can spin the dial and click on the image when you have found the converter you want. Or, you can enter a converter's unique number into the text box and click go.

You will also notice the Other Sites selector. These are categories of interest which contain links to other sites on the Internet that have applicability to the category chosen. These sites are not controlled or maintained by us and we cannot guarantee the content they provide, but it is our belief they are helpful in their particular category. You can use the dial to select from these categories by first clicking the blue button and then using the dial like normal. Clicking the orange button will return dial control back to the MegaConverter selector.

If you find a converter that you need to maintain on the desktop while searching for others or after you leave this site, your can click the Pop It Up button and the converter will be placed into its own window much like the original version of this site. Alas, the navigation links at the bottom of the converters do not work any more and will be gradually eliminated.

The information pages of the various converters will be available after you have selected the converter by clicking the Info Page button on the left.

Click on the MegaCalculator button at left to start the calculator. The link at the bottom of this page is a way to start the main page of the MegaCalculator site.

To launch the MegaResource page click on the button to the left.

If you would rather use the original version of MegaConverter, please click on the MegaConverter Original link below.

To find out more about us or communicate with us, use the links at the bottom.

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