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Instructions and tips on general use of the megaConverters, how the buttons work, and how to interpret (read) the information presented on each module.
Try the Web's first functional, spinning dial to start the megaConverter of your choice. Move your mouse around the dial clockwise just as if your were spinning a real dial. Don't click until you see the title you're after. This only works with Netscape 3 or IE 4 or newer.
Find out everything you'll ever need to know about Hint: It's definitely not just one thing.
Pick your desired megaConverter module from a scrolling list of titles. This method works fine in Netscape 3.0+ or IE 3.0+. It's not as fun though so at least try the dial. You may need to click here if you are using large fonts.
Details regarding the settings of your computer, monitor and browser software. Troubleshooting issues.
Learn about the company, the people and the plans for the future of Ben-Cam InterMedia and the whole "mega" thing.
Here's a simple form for submitting your ideas and suggestions. You can also request a megaConverter! This is a good place to report a megaBug too.
Reasons to, and benefits of advertising at, an inquiry form, contact info and everything you need to know to put your company in great company.
Here you'll find links to other conversion and calculation sites and some of our personal favorite sites.
Isn't it great to get noticed? Check out who's been checking out megaConverter and read what's being said. is an ever-growing set of weights, measures and units conversion/calculation modules. megaConverters allow users to discover things like how many seconds old they are, the difference between a gallon in the USA and a gallon in the UK, how many nanometers in an inch, how many quarts in a chaldron, and what the heck a nebuchadnezzar is. Every module has its own on-line info system built in. You don't have to count on your fingers here! For just about anything you can think of, megaConverter can show you its equivalent. They're convenient, educational and fun. megaConverter will become an indispensable source for conversions as well as interesting information (and hundreds of jokes) on the megaResource pages. Be careful, you're bound to learn something. There are a ton (that's 4,540,000 carats) of modules available now and many more coming.


The coolest way to get started is to use the selector dial (Netscape Navigator 3.0+ only). Without clicking, move your mouse cursor clockwise around the dial as if you were actually spinning a dial. Don't click until you find the megaConverter title you want. Another option is the selector list which works fine in Navigator 3.0+ or Internet Explorer 3.0. Scroll down the list of titles and click on your choice, then click the "Go" button. And for the expert megaConverteer, check out the "Enter megaConverter number and go!" area on the navigation bar at the bottom right of the main browser window. Enter the megaConverter number (from the title bar or info page of every module) into the box and click on "go!", this is a shortcut straight to a specific megaConverter. 

Note!! You may need to click here if you are using large fonts. This may cause text in fields and selectors to be oversized and run into the edges of windows, resulting in strange results. This page allows you to start converters in a full-sized window and retain large fonts. We urge you to use normal fonts if possible.

The megaConverters themselves are pretty straightforward. Most of them can be 'read' like this: This number of this unit is equal to that number of that unit. You supply the numbers and you select the units. It's that simple. megaConverter does all the figuring, calculating and/or converting. Some megaConverter modules allow you to choose from several lists and then automatically convert the combination of your selections into many relevant values. 

megaConverter modules have 4 buttons at the bottom. Left to right they are:  

  • Home (little house) brings the main browser window with the megaConverter home page and the megaConverter navigation buttons back to the foreground.
  • Equals (=) button is necessary when you change the value in a number field but leave the units fields as they are. Click "=" when you want to recalculate or reconvert. If you change a unit, megaConverters automatically recalculate based on the values in the number fields.
  • Info ( i ) calls an on-line information system that pops up in its own window. Most of the information pages have convenient hyperlink shortcuts at the top so that you can go directly to the unit, term or conversion name in question. Many of them also include an Introduction and Overview of the megaConverter and some interesting background history. Note: Keep your eye on the info pages. This is an area where we plan to make sizable improvements to the quality and bulk of content. We want megaConverter to become the central source of information on measurements, calculations and conversions.
  • megaCalculator (+/-) button calls guess what...megaCalculator. Cool. Remember, megaCalculator and some of the coolest features of the whole megaConverter site only work in Navigator 3.0 or later. Get it now. megaCalculator has its own info page and it's worth reading. This calculator does things that only the round, embryo-stealing computer guy from "Jurassic Park" might need. Use it pretty much like you would a normal hand-held calculator. Remember that you can make suggestions for the megaCalculator and even request special functions.
Tips and Techniques: 
  • You can enter values with or without commas, the result will always be formatted with commas for legibility.
  • You can double click in any number entry field to select the whole field and then enter a new value.
  • You don't have to actually click on the equals (=) button to recalculate. You can click anywhere on the screen, even outside of the megaConverter window. Be careful though, you might click on something that does more than update the conversion in your megaConverter module.
  • Stay tuned for more advanced tips in the coming weeks!

The minimum requirement for using megaConverter is a computer, an Internet connection and Netscape Navigator 3.0 or newer or Internet Explorer 3.0 or newer. Your browser must be set with JavaScript and frames enabled. Many of the unique features of do not work in Internet Explorer, but for the most part the converters do work. The megaCalculator currently only works in Netscape 3.0 or newer but Don is working on a Java (instead of JavaScript) version that should work fine in IE 3.0 or newer. 

On the MS Windows, Win95/NT platforms, you should have your display system set to use small fonts or else the modules become distorted and in many cases impossible to use. Small fonts is usually the default but persons with larger monitors operating at high resolution sometimes use large fonts. These people will need to revert to small fonts. If the megaConverters look OK to you then don't worry about it. If you must use large fonts you need to click here. As is true for almost any reasonable use of the Internet and specifically the World Wide Web, a 14.4 bps modem can be considered the minimum practical connection speed. Some modules may take a while to load at that speed. 28.8 bps or faster is recommended. We have not tested this site on anything less than a Pentium class computer but it should work fine on slower machines. The speed of the computer should not be the determining factor of the speed of use, however slow modems, telephone line noise, Internet connection and even the time of day may be. It would be wise on slower systems not to have unnecessary things running in the background. 

Occasionally, bugs in Netscape and Internet Explorer may cause the programs to crash. Netscape is more robust than Internet Explorer in this regard and we recommend its use. We expect that upcoming improvements from both Netscape and Microsoft will help limit crashes and improve overall functionality.


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