Our mission is to provide the on-line world and the "soon-to-be on-line" world with useful products, valuable, time-saving services and educational resources. We agree that the Internet, and more specifically the World Wide Web, will play a hugely important role in business and education. We also agree that 'content is king'. Following that mindset, Ben-Cam interMedia was formed and exists to create interesting, interactive media for an International audience on the most exciting communication medium the world has ever seen…the Internet.

megaConverter.com, megaKidstuff, and megaResource are brought to you by Ben-Cam interMedia. Formed in 1996, this company is a partnership and compilation of the talents of designer/director Joseph "Master J" Camblin, engineer/programming wizard Don "Java-god" Benish, and illustrator/artist "Diva" Daniele Jones.


We don’t know if it’s entirely normal for one person to have done everything from manually constructing a small concrete- block building in Kansas, to working on highly classified military projects for Hughes Aircraft, to authoring a novel and numerous short stories, to a self-taught position programming Web pages using today’s most relevant cross-platform computer languages. Of course, we don’t think Don Benish, half of Ben-Cam InterMedia, senior engineer/programmer and megaConverter’s co-creator really wants to be entirely normal.

Don got his BSEE from Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas and he’s the maniac (that’s mediac from now on) that originally tossed up the idea for an automated conversions and calculations Web site that was globally accessible, educational, and he stressed…useful! We (and especially Don) sincerely hope you find megaConverter, megaCalculator, and all its "megaStuff" to be truly useful.


Daniele Jones is one of those artists that might kick your butt if you call her a ‘commercial’ or ‘graphic’ artist. She’s an artist. That’s it. An artist. She paints, draws, sculpts, creates prints and mixed-media pieces and is an excellent, shhhh, computer graphics artist. (Whew, that was close, she almost heard us.)

Originally from the plains of Yuma, "they can actually get on the net now", Colorado, degreed at Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas and now living on the plains of Dallas, Texas, Daniele says her inspirations come from history, nature and non-Western art and religion. We say, if the Internet and all it’s resources aren’t the perfect place for her to work and learn, then where is. The reason we say this is because we want Daniele to be our graphic inspiration, as she has been from the beginning, for the life of the whole "mega" thing.


What does Joseph Camblin do? Well, he doesn’t have a degree but we forgive him for that. He didn’t wise up (see Elaine’s bio above) and get out of the music business. Instead, he plays electronic drums with one of Dallas’ most respected original Jazz groups and we actually kinda like that. He’s owner of Jozee Designs! (partnered with Daniele on that one), half of Ben-Cam InterMedia and the other co-creator of the whole "mega-dom-ish-ness" thing. We believe we’ve figured out his pattern though. He brainstorms a little, writes, designs, thinks some more, whips up a graphic or two, edits, tests, creates the HTML, and tests again!

Joe spends an unbelievable amount of time staying current on computers, software and learning about the Internet and the Web. So, maybe we’re not completely sure of everything he’s doing, but we know he’s getting it done and putting all of our work where it’s most useful—on the Web.

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