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Conversion Factors Spreadsheet

MegaConverter is proud to present megaResource, the part of the site that's more informative than mathematical and contains interesting stuff you won't find in other places. A brief description of each megaResource follows. Keep your eyes on this part of megaConverter's site. We'll be creating cool stuff and if it isn't a converter, you'll find it here.

Mega Joke Reader is NEW! It's a database full of jokes for you to read at your leisure. Currently there are 317 jokes on line and we'll be adding plenty more. We've broken them down into 11 categories to make it easier for you to find jokes that fit your mood and/or preference. Very soon you'll be able to rate the jokes on the Mega Laughometer and even submit your own for consideration into the Mega Joke Reader database. Ultimately, we expect to have one of the largest collections of jokes on the Web.

Conversion Factors Spreadsheet in MS Excel format, is a collection of ancient, foreign, and obsolete measures, including many that are not found in the megaConverters. Much of our written history still refers to things in units that were common at the time, for instance, the Bible does not refer to meters or kilograms, but to cubits and stadia, or shekels and drachma. This is where to find their equivalents.